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Thread: Oh Sparky...

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    I love how he marked the notch with red marker before he cut it out. Pure precision.

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    If that is the worst you had to deal with a electrician you live a charmed life. In the past year on installs the electricians have:

    Run single phase to clearly labeled 3 phase equipment, many many times
    Installed a 3a fuse where there was a 30a one, and then said there must be a short in the equipment
    Wired the switch for an evaporator wrong so it created a dead short when turned on, and said there must be a short in the equipment
    Went from conduit, to SO, back to conduit, with wire nuts outside of a box, many many times
    Didn't ground equipment, many many times
    Ran power into the ice machine through the drain line
    I could go on and on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ga-hvac-tech View Post
    What is scary...

    Is when the PVC flue of a condensing furnace goes through the supply...
    ..... I've seen b-vent run through a return.... Best I know it is still as such (was denied repair)

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