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    Confused Which Zoning System Should I Go With

    I am installing a new furnace with 2 zone system and I don't know who to go with?
    The cost difference is significant but I want the right system for my house, not just the cheapest bid.
    Can anyone please help enlighten me on if bid 2 is worth the extra cash?

    My home- 3500 sq feet. 1 story. 1 zone will be the back with all the rooms. 1 zone will be the front with all the common space.

    Bid 1-
    Furnace- Lennox EL256V
    Zone System- Honeywell Duel Zone with Redlink.
    Thermostats- 2 nest thermostats
    Filter- Honeywell whole house media air cleaner

    Bid 2-
    Furnace- Lennox EL256V
    Zone System- iHarmony 2 zone
    Thermostats- iHarmony
    Filter- Lennox Healthy climate

    Note: The installer for Bid 2 has told me that the nest thermostats are pointless when dealing with a variable speed blower furnace in that is doesn't properly control the blower. He also recommends the iharmony board for zone control and wasn't a fan of the honeywell. Bidder 2 has an amazing reputation.

    Bidder 1 has a good reputation, not amazing, and costs 1/4 less.

    Any help would be appreciated on if bidder 2 with worth the extra cash.

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    iHarmony sucks. Nest is POO.

    Go bid 1 with Ecobee or HW stats.

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