to all who have an ultra air whole house dehumidifier, I have a question. I finally got it installed the 155 model, and due to the layout, the tech installed it in a way from HVAC return to HVAC supply . what is a check damper? Is it better to use that or just run the HVAC fan whenever the dehum is on?
Also in the DEH 3000 manual, it mentioned options:
1) turn off the A/C whenever the dehum is in use
2)activate the dehum when the A/C is running
3) deactivate the dehum when the A/C is running

Which one of those features should you wire ?

Also, how do most people configure the motorized fresh vent damper? The program only gives you one window. I kinda wish there was a way to turn it on in the early morning, then off and then on again late night.

THanks teddy bear and all those who contributed, excited that i finally made it this far!