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    Goodman Fan on Unit stays on intermittently when compressor not running

    Our Goodman 14 SEER R410A was installed 4/25/11. Has worked well. Serviced in June 2017 required no refrigerant. 3 months later required 3.5# of refrigerant. We have a ltd lifetime warranty on compressor and 10yr warranty on parts. Good warranty. Since unit needed refrigerant 3 months after it was serviced), repairman recommended Easy Seal Liquid Weld that would seal leaks in coil, so as to not have to call on the warranty 6 years into the 10 yr warranty. It has held up well.

    Two weeks ago the unit fan outside was running, but no air supply was coming through the vents. This was around 830am. A few days prior to this, we were having a patio cover installed and the contractor plugged his nail gun compressor into the A/C "switches" (not sure what they are called) beside the unit. My husband was not happy about this. Back to the a/c. I called the patio contractor and they came over to look at what was going on. The only way I could get the unit to stop was to turn off the breaker in the garage. I turned the thermostat up, but it wouldn't turn off.
    The compressor was not on, just the fan, so that's why turning the thermostat up, didn't make a difference. When the contractor arrived, they went upstairs and said the line had frozen. They called their A/C guy (and one of the contractors on the crew has some a/c experience) and he said to first turn thermostat to "FAN". So, we did that, and then he said to turn it down to 74 (it was set on 77). He said this will unfreeze it. Well, it worked. So we (not the contractor) assumed it had something to do with the amount of voltage being pulled through the prior week when the contractor was here. The contractor said this would not have caused it. And he's probably right, but it's odd that this would happen right after they finished using it.

    So, the system is working fine for a few weeks, and it happens again. On Monday, after I woke, walked to the kitchen and heard the A/C on but could not feel any air. So, did the same trick (turn thermostat to "FAN", turn down low for a while, then I turned the unit off at the Breaker box (simply because this is what I had done before). Called an a/c company and they could not figure out the problem and, of course, it was running fine. He serviced both units, checked T/D all over the house (we have two units), checked capacitor, could not figure out why the fan would stay on.

    Today, came home from errands and the unit fan is on and no air through vent. So this time, I turned "FAN" on again, put temperature down to 74 for 10 minutes (ran to get kids from school 10 min), came home and turned thermostat to 77 and the unit kicked off as it should, no residual fan running and I did NOT turn the unit off at the breaker. FYI. the reason I turned the unit off at the breaker in the first place two weeks ago is I had no idea why it was going and I didn't want it to burn-up the compressor/unit/fan, if that was possible.) So the variable change today is that I turned the thermostat from "auto" to "fan", turned the temperature down for 15 minutes, then back up to 77, it turned off just fine and I did not touch the breaker.

    Does anyone have knowledge of why the fan would stay on intermittently? Is this a fuse issue somewhere? Thank you.

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    If they are sure the leak is at the indoor coil, why wouldn't they replace the coil? That would be a better option then sealing it IMO. After all if the unit was registered initially then yes you would get the 10 year parts warranty. If you do not have ( purchased ) a extended 10 year labor warranty then the labor and whatever parts needed are chargable.

    In regards to no air coming from vents, IMO you should turn the fan switch at the thermostat to fan ON from fan auto ( the blower fan will run 24/7 independent of heat or cool ) but do not lower the thermostat. Just shut off the system, running the blower only until the coil is clear of ice.

    What you can do is check the outdoor coil line set larger line to see if there is any ice accumulation on that area. If the unit is low on charge then you can check at the indoor coil larger line, to see what the problem is, from here ( IMO ) it sounds like the indoor coil is icing up for whatever reason.

    It could be something as simple as a dirty air filter got sucked up into the coil area, and restricting the proper amount of air going across the ID coil and you can't see the filter. Need to make sure all your supply registers are open and have good free area return air back to Air Handler for starters, if you have a zone system, need to make sure everything is functioning properly.

    Goodman for the most part uses a time delay on and time delay off relay for the blower motor for a standard blower motor.

    FYI when you describe the fan issues, to make things less complicated you should say the indoor fan or the outdoor fan.
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    Easy fix a quaffed HVAC Tech will make short work out of that. call a pro. It's not what you think

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