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    Siemens to acquire J2 Innovations

    Looks like Siemens is buying J2 Innovations and FIN. For guys that have used it what is your opinion of this? Will FIN be Siemens new front end?

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    J2 already did some work for siemens embedded webserver in their supervisory panels pxcs, and I believe their newer commissioning/programming tool called launchpad was also made by J2, it had some neat features but overall was pretty awful.

    I guess it is good for J2, but I think Siemens may be a bit lost in BAS world, they had a pretty clunky but solid run with Insight and TECs, then they spend a ton of money on Desigo CC which was, in my opinion, one of the worst software I have seen. Then they rolled out the DXRs which showed promise.

    Now they bought J2, not sure how it all comes together or falls apart,

    Most likely J2 will be rolled into their Talon/Contractor line, so they can probably severe ties with tridium.

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    I took the FinStack 4 training a couple of years ago. It has some nice features, it's flashy, pretty and I like it. It's built on SkySpark and they have some API's and their goal was to take market share from N4. I don't think they succeeded, otherwise, why sell to Siemens?

    Siemens along with other BAS vendors are losing market shares to Tridium and likely think putting flashy graphics is going to help. It didn't help Distech when they bundled DgLux with their Eclypse controllers, and I like those too!

    Heck, Siemens is trying to tie filter changing schedules to the Watson IBM supercomputer and look where that led them. All you need is an inexpensive diff press sw and an alarm.

    We know Siemens and most other vendors want a dominating piece of the BAS market, that's why they sub-market Jace controllers. But they won't sell them directly, without strings and limitations.

    I do not think Tridium is perfect, but they have a good model and it works. I can get Niagara Frameworks parts, installers, programmer and training anywhere.

    A lot of their guys are former Tridium people.

    I showed the product to a lot of potential customers and the resounding response was they wanted something simple so their engineers (mechanics) can use and understand. Ax / N4 affords that in spades.

    My thought is they're (Siemens) looking to tie analytics into a revenue producing business model. The only real way you're going to do that is to truck data to a Data Center, but if you look at the rule of diminishing costs, Analytics is fundamentally flawed. Moving data costs a lot of money in the volumes you need it for Analytics to work. The support hardware is enormous and then you need to maintain it.

    With Niagara, you can really run an enterprise system with 1-3 people.
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