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    Another 30GTN to55 thread. Come on in.


    Iíve seen the service bulletin and have ordered the kit against my own best judgement.

    I have a 30GTN045 chiller thatís throwing a T055 on compressor B1. Iíve changed the ice cube relay to a Honeywell and then to an IDEC relay and the problem will not resolve. I went ahead and ordered the kit and even talked to my regional carrier service rep.

    The fault is happening at the end of the cycle by the time the compressor and circuit has already pumped out. The unit has EXVs- this circuit still has the original.

    Iíve jumped both hps and lcs in an attempt to diagnose - only for one cycle. Still same result. My question is- where does the 5vdc signal back to the MBB come from and go to? The relay that has been replaced has two sets of normally open and normally closed contacts. NO 1 goes to contactor coils. NO 2 to LLS (according to schematic which this unit does not have) and NC2 to crankcase heaters.

    Also this unit does NOT have the CGS OR CPCS boards. Only relays.
    Neither schematic shows a path for 5vdc signal (only on the Flotronic chillers. This is a Comfortlink controller machine)

    Any help is appreciated.

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    What kit are you talking about ?

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    MBB J9 11&12 FOR CIRCUIT A , 11 & 8 FOR CIRCUIT B

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