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    I wish I knew.

    I install the now-failed FHP unit about 15 years ago. In about the same time frame I remember some long talks with FHP Sales and with FHP Engineering about this exact issue.

    Because I replaced the previous unit due to a failed HX. <g>

    Way-back-when the "marine grade" HX's (which I think were cupronickel) were an option on FHP units. But apparently contractors did not often choose the option because it increased their equipment cost - so FHP decided to make All their units with the better HX to better serve their reputation and warranty costs.

    And there is said to be no M/S # on the unit - so I can't check that way either.


    Quote Originally Posted by DewMac View Post
    Now you got me curious about marine grade HEX. You mentioned that the HEX failed, what was the HEX made of and was that marine grade ?
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    convert geo to air ?

    What would the seer rating be for an older geo unit? 20-24 seer? He could get atleast 19seer with air to air

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