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    Ok so check the suction pressure at each evaporator and cross to the temp on gauges corresponding to my refrigerant, box temp minus coil temp is TD. Not clear on dew point and bubble point or what you mean by high glide, sorry just under educated in the refrigeration realm. I see dew and bubble columns on my pt chart, im just unclear on what it all means.

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    I have multiple customers with air defrost coils that want the "coldest beer in town". I let them set the stat where they want, and I set the LP control to defrost the coil. No one has complained yet...

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    Get the SH at the evaporators the same. Start around 10°F.

    Then check the SH at the pump, 20 - 40° F. Open or close each valve 1/4 turn until your in range.

    Agreed 33°F is too cold. Calibrate the thermostat in ice water 35°F off with 41° on is fine.

    With 3 evaporators and your inexperience i'd install a A12-700 Control in each blower wired in series with the solenoid valve for freeze protection!

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