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    Help Deciphering Trane WSHP

    Evening Gents,

    I've got a Trane water source heat pump in a restaurant that I'm having a hard time deciphering. Little bit of background, though it may not be necessary, is as follows.

    Just took over this account and got them to finally agree to a PM service, HVAC & refrigeration. It's a big restaurant in the downtown area. As long as I've been running service calls here I was under the impression that there were only two chilled water fan coil units. During yesterday's initial PM I was asked to look at a water leak in the ceiling of a storage closet. Turns out there's also a very old Trane WSHP up in the ceiling, horizontal set up. Data tag has both SPHD08041B10AA and WPHD08041B10AA listed under the model number. Trane serial number is W92J08023. 460/3. Two equal size compressors, Copeland CR41KQ-TFD-980WB. Looks like the compressor is from 2001, serial 01JF1544H, other compressor is missing the label . Label calls for 7 lbs R22 per circuit.

    So from what I can gather the owners never even knew the unit was there. This place has been three of four different restaurants over the last 40 years and the building engineers (restaurant is attached to a huge commercial mart) told me that everything has been ripped up and redone for years, that there are no plans anywhere and basically good luck.

    WSHP has one grounded compressor (missing the label). Neither myself nor my customer are interested in trying to repair this unit due to age, condition and the fact that it has never really been maintained. We're going to just replace it all together. They don't want to risk putting money into the grounded compressor only to have the other one that's 17 years old crap out in the near future.

    Here's where I'm running into issues. I can't find any info on this unit/series. My comfortsite account doesn't give me anything. When I log in to the parts section i can't find anything beyond that. For whatever reason I can't open the eLibrary.

    I sent this info over to my Carrier rep to try and get him to cross it but he can't find anything either. I called Trane and basically all I got was it's a 1983 unit and they told me it's 8 tons.

    I told my Carrier guy I'd send him over any info I could gather up but I'm a little uncomfortable with the limited amount of info I have. Was wondering if anyone had any idea on some more model number nomenclature info. I would love to find some technical info such as cut sheet, IOM, performance etc. Just don't know where to really go from here.

    We don't do new construction, just service and replacements. I'm a Carrier and Lennox man myself by preference, just too damn difficult dealing with the local Trane guys here. Although Lennox doesn't offer a commercial WSHP according to the local FTC.

    I've got a decent amount of room up in this ceiling to work with so the replacement won't be too terrible, I've just got to be able to get a cross from Carrier to be able to price it to the customer.

    If anyone has any knowledge of these units I'd love to hear more about it.



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    Did you call Climatemaster? Maybe they can cross it to one of their units.

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    Why do you need a cross reference? Just make sure the 8 tons is correctly sized for the space and decide which brand you want to go with

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    Help Deciphering Trane WSHP

    Quote Originally Posted by Bglenn525 View Post
    Why do you need a cross reference? Just make sure the 8 tons is correctly sized for the space and decide which brand you want to go with

    Thats 8 tons, you know the voltage, and you can take dimensional measurements of the unit.

    Just ask the building about the watersource.

    If everything else is chilled water, do they have a dedicated cooling tower loop that is active year round?

    Water source heat pumps cant run on hot water or chilled water( well they can sorta, but not well)

    The unit might be misapplied. I had a fedex office like that once. Had the heatpumps tied to the chilled water loop, worked okay in the summer, in the winter in heat mode, not so good, they shut down the chillers and pumps in the winter, so they had to add electric heat.

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