This is for a VMP80-LE
This is the vertical steam boiler with the Siemens LMV5. I am familiar with working through the AZL. Its already got the fuel curve set but after ignition it goes into flame fail at 10-20% Turn down. I have the fire rate sheet for reference and I know the combustion number after 30% are matching the fire rate sheet. BUT THE flame signal at 10 or 20 % is choppy because combustion is no good- high CO due to low O2
This is the gas train that has a fuel , air, aux valve which is the final gas valve.
Together these two valves (fuel and aux servos) must be set to premix gas initially and than turned up but this is a procedure I have never done before. we don't see too many of these in this area and Im thinking training on this one won't be this year anyway.
Any help or experience in this is greatly appreciated