Yes, you read the title of this thread correctly:

You Dems, liberals, leftists, progressives and Trump haters...
Are COSTING American citizens $$$!

(IMO if you have to ask, you are not very smart)

The stock market is not growing like it was... actually it is sinking from its highs... this is costing growth of retirement accounts and investment accounts... American citizens make $$$ in the markets... so this is hurting American citizens.
The economy is going stagnant... a stagnant economy does not add as many jobs, and the currently employed do not get raises (or do not get as large of a raise as they would)
And corp America is not expanding... again; not as many jobs are being added, and raises either do not happen or are not as large as they could be.

Why is all this happening... why are American citizens getting hurt by this negativity???
Because businesses have to plan for the future!
And all this ruckus caused by the folks who are having a meltdown over the voters not allowing their continued corruption...
Is causing business to back off until they see what will happen in the mid terms this fall.

Soooo... less new jobs... less raises... less new products... less expansion into new markets (again, jobs and wages)...
And ALL of this can be laid at the feet of the rebellious noisy left...
Who IMO are behaving like spoiled children who had their bag of candy taken away.

GA has a message for you DEMS...
GROW UP... You are hurting the folks you claim you want to help!

And guess what... the average American citizen knows they are being hurt... and they are figuring out WHO is responsible.
You lefties are gonna get your @$$ handed to you this fall...