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    Trouble installing new transformer

    I'm having trouble finding appropriate wires for the secondary voltage for this transformer. 18 gauge solid would be appropriate, but I cannot find this at the stores. They sell 18-2 thermostat wire, but when I strip it, it is clearly smaller than 18 gauge. More like 22. This happened at both HD and Ace Hardware.

    I suppose I could use a larger wire. The red disconnects that I was hoping to use has 16 as the largest that will fit. I could perhaps use a 14 gauge wire and the blue disconnects instead? That would be easy to find.

    Also, do you know which terminal on the circuit board is for the Common wire, and which is for the "R" wire? The old transformer had the secondary wires hard-wired into it and not labeled. The circuit board terminals were labeled "C" and "T". I suppose I could guess that "C" = Common Wire, but I don't want to guess wrong. I guess I'm not allowed to upload pictures yet since I'm new.

    Also, do I have to solder solid wire to a disconnect? I must use solid because I can't wrap a stranded wire around the screw terminals on the transformer.

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    Ask Our Pros-Owner Assistance - NO DIY advice will be given.

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    Sorry. This site does not provide DIY assistance.
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