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    York Simplicity Elite Modbus Points List

    Hello all,

    After scouring through the forums and searching through google, I have hit a wall and decided to post this question. Thanks in advance for any help...

    The long and short...

    Customer has a York Millenium 40ton rooftop with Simplicity Elite board that we have integrated via the Simplicity Linc board over BACnet MSTP. Unit has communicated fine for several years, however the Simplicity Linc board died the other day. Our local distributor reports from the factory that a replacement board is not available until July. In order to get this unit talking again, I thought a solution would be to run a separate bus from the rooftop to our AX Jace and communicate over Modbus RTU. The only problem is I cannot for the life of me locate a point map of the Modbus Registers/Coils. Does anyone here have a copy of this or know where to point me to get this information?

    Alternatively, I think I could use the CSV file that comes preloaded in the Simplicity Linc. I tried to upload out of the Simplicity Linc that isn't talking, but it is too far gone and wont communicate.

    Again, thank you for any help given...


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    The gateways are junk, you will Certainly be better off just hooking up directly and bringing the points in via modbus. Send me an email and I will send you the register list I have when I did this a couple of years ago. Hopefully the registers will still be the same.
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