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    Home Purchase - I think the AC System is Mismatched?

    Hey All -

    Wanted to get some opinions - I was looking at a home I may be purchasing and noticed that the coil in the attic says "R410A Only" - model number: 4TXCB048BC3HCAA - the owner claims it was recently replaced. However, the outside consender shows R22 Only and looks to be a different brand. The outside unit's label was sun faded to the point I couldn't make it out. It looked like the outdoor unit was a "Payne" from what I could tell while the inside unit appeared to be Trane.

    Anyway, when I mentioned to the homeowner that it appeared the system was mismatched he said it's worked fine for year and a professional installed the coil and said all is fine.

    Is this an issue if a coil requires 410A but the outdoor unit is pumping R22? Why would a homeowner permit this or should they have reasonably known?


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    UNLESS the indoor expansion valve was changed to a R22 version, you will have a problem with the R22 outdoor unit. May cool but not at full capacity and could freeze up.

    It is mismatched since it is a Trane coil on a Payne but if the right TXV is on it and the outdoor unit has a scroll compressor & a hard start kit on a recip, I think you'd be fine.

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