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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeRos View Post
    Possible that the condenser and evaporation coil don't match, 100psi suction in cooling if you worked fine enough in cooling it's probably not airflow related but static pressures and the manufactures CFM chart to make sure you're moving the proper airflow as mentioned above.

    If cooling works well enough and your trouble is only with heating I would be concerned for a possible TXV failure in the outdoor unit causing the high pressures in heating, but that would only be a thought after testing airflow.
    No that is a matched set, TXV is a possibility however with the info given its hard to say. When I've seen TXV issues on these, the frost starts right away at the distributor tubes right after startup.

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    Sounds like a low air flow issue, that someone may have ran into. But added more charge instead of addressing air flow.

    Fix air flow issue, recover charge, weigh correct charge back in.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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