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    energy audit of a five floor Shoping mall

    Hello every body , as a gradution project i need to do a building energy audit of a five floor shoping center , the shoping mall contains retail stores which have thier own electrcity supply so they are not included in the audit scope, im auditing the corridors , halls & parking lots , adiminstration offices & electrical/mechanical rooms that are supplied from the shoping center's own transformer , there is tow transformers by the way , one that supplies the tow undergrade parking lots, the other supplies the three other floors : the mall ( the ground & first floor ) & administration (tirthfloor) , the retail stores have thies own air conditening & they are connected to a water loop(WLHP) supplied by the shoping center , the corridors & halways are conditioned using packaged reversible rooftops ,i need to do the envelop audit , the problem that is the scope of the audit is limited in the corridors , halls & technical rooms for the ground & first floor a they consumes the majority of energy , i want to model the building in equest & i cant find a way to do it since i cant consider the retailshops which are in the perimetre , nor the retailshops lightning that icreses cooling load of the shoping mall, any body can help how to procede in such case , how cani i model in equest & how can i zone the building ?
    this is the ground palne of the firstfloor the green space (the shoping stores) are not included in the audit scope as they have thier owne energy supply only the white zone is included

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    What level of energy audit are you required to perform? ASHRAE Level 1, 2, or 3? Or some other specification?

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    Energy audits, whether 'walk-through', partial-measurement for full investment-grade is a mix of art and science.

    The attached 'Screening Tool' might be useful for your project. Keep in mind, a tool is only as useful as one knows how to use it and his/her experience with it.
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