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Months ago I first reported this white paper and aggressively defended it against baseless attacks.
I knew that someone of Dr. Goswami stature and the reputation of the 3rd party testing lab would not release these results unless they were valid.
In fact is was this paper that was responsible for my purchase of a MoleKule device.

Unfortunately, proper context and additional testing cast a different light on these findings.

The paper reports testing two VOCs, Acetone and Toluene, in different experiments at concentrations one would never find in a residence - >=1000ppb.
At those levels one wouldn't just think the house just had an odor, but a very serious problem that required immediate evacuation and probably a call to the fire station.
Even if the MoleKule reduced these VOCs by 98%, there would still be a problem. 20 ppb of Toluene is an issue, much less 1000.

What's unknown is how well the MoleKule behaves at levels one would typically find in an occupied living space with rationally increased levels. (Acetone (30ppb) and Toluene (20ppb).

In fact - this issue is recognized in the literature.
Here's a quote from a recent paper reviewing PCO technology:

Removal of Indoor Volatile Organic Compounds via
Photocatalytic Oxidation: A Short Review
and Prospect


Currently most studies demonstrate their VOCs removal efficiency in a high concentration
level (e.g., ppmv). More on-site demonstrations should be conducted in order to prove the efficiency
in removal of indoor VOCs in realistic environments (e.g., residential and work spaces).
This seems to be consistent with my testing over the last few month. I will start a new thread soon to review.

My other complaint about the white paper is what I consider the misleading discussion of the effectiveness of carbon. The result shows the carbon filter releasing previously trapped VOCs in just minutes.
Turns out the test was only using a 1/4 lb of carbon. That's absurd. I have a 15 carbon filter with an additive that's lasted for years. Additionally, the tests with my carbon filter in my condo outperforms the MoleKule by an order of magnitude. Granted, I will still continue testing and apply any suggestions that MoleKule recommends. I haven't given up yet.

Finally as I've stated many times I have the highest regard for the integrity and technical competence of MoleKule's scientiest, but there are still open questions.

I'll go into more detail very soon, in another thread.