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    Garland SIT Gas Valve .... not again !

    Sooooooooo I replaced 2 gas SIT valve thermostats last month , and like usual they are CRAP RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX

    So I took the knob off and turned the gear the proper direction to achieve more heat , and it worked great for a whole 3 days , then right back to being off 80 degrees , total of 320 , and they need 400 , and the GD dial says 550

    So I replaced them with 2 new ones yesterday morning, and I called to ask how they were doing after lunch was over " they are doing same thing sir not hot enough "

    I don't understand it , I position them the exact way they come off , use cheap tape to hold the bulb while tightening ( it melts right away )

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    I thought you were onto something with your previous adjustments you'd delineated in your former post...that's now forever lost due to the website's crash. I didn't give you kudos THEN - at least until I gave it some time.

    Three days, huh?

    W-E-L-L, again. I cordially welcome you to the "Anti-SIT Valve Club".

    GARLAND! Are you reading THIS?

    "You never know what others don't know." -

    If I can't laugh at myself...then I'll laugh at YOU! -

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