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    I was mistaken on the Chiltrix price, I thought they were $2-3k but they are actually about $4k.

    I like it that Chiltrix has the prices right on their website. I spent the better part of the day chasing down MultiAqua pricing.

    You can put 2 Chiltrix in parallel to get 4 tons of cooling for $8400 , still much cheaper than the MultiAqua.

    When I spoke to them, Chiltrix does have a heat recovery option available if you want it , although I'm not seeing it on their website now. I think it was basically the HotSpot unit. . They said they don't really advertise the option because since the chiller runs at a very low power level for most of the time , the heat level at the output of the compressor is not high enough to make the heat recovery very worthwhile. They said they mainly did it because their competitor (not sure if this is MultiAqua or someone else) offers it so they did not want to lose the business. I personally think it would work well for a pool but probably not for DHW.

    At the moment my only waste heat application *is* DHW so my thought is the most bang for the buck is to buy a heat pump type water heater and use this in conjunction with a standard A/C system. The main lure of the hydronic system is the flexibility but not the cost. I like packaged units where the refrigerant is 100% contained with no external lines like with normal split systems.

    The only way I see to reduce the operating cost is to add solar panels somehow... or possibly something like an absorbtion cycle chiller if you have a free heat source.

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    Thanks for all the research in this thread!

    I too am very interested in the Chiltrix unit, but I haven't pulled the trigger.

    I've also seen this unit, which seems similar but a better fit for my use case vs 2 separate chiltrix units:

    arcticheatpumps .com/arctic-heat-pump-040a-48-000-btu.html

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    Your forgetting the price of insulated pex, pumps, expansion tank and something for air removal. Can't remember don't the fan coils talk to chiller and don't think there are automatic water shut off valves.If so can you run parallel chillers? Since parts are at a minimum a few days away just might thinking about zoning each system separately.

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