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    decoupler control

    excuse me am not perfect in English , I'm asking about decoupler control for CPF/VSF system.
    THERE is 5 primary pumps connected to suction and discharge header
    there is 5 secondary pumps connected to suction and discharge header
    there is 5 chillers
    there is 14'' pipe (about 2 meters length) connecting between the suction headers of primary and secondary pumps (decoupler bridge)
    am asking about which valves or controllers can be installed on this decoupler.
    thank you.

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    The whole purpose of the "De-coupler" is to separate the two zones or loops. You cannot and do not want a control in there.

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    You absolutely don’t want to install a valve on the decoupler line. This line must remain unobstructed to hydraulically decouple the 2 loops.
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    This is a bit of a difficult concept to see, but both pesmsg and R123 are absolutely correct the decoupler should not be controlled. The Primary loop flows by itself as does the secondary. When the secondary loop is pumping the same amount of water as the primary there is no flow in the decoupler. All other times there will be some water flowing between the two systems. If your pumping system is not behaving properly there is most likely some other problem.

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