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    HVAC-R Union Intake exam - advice needed please!

    Hey all,

    So I got invited to write the first year apprentice intake exam through the local union, but Im not sure what to expect in this exam. They tell me its 2 1/2 hours long, covering topics of math, science and mechanical aptitude all without the use of a calculator and Ive got no idea what to study or where to start.

    I want to make a career change into the hvac field and Ive been out of school for a while now and have no experience in hvac, just started my G3 course last night. My math skills are decent, but my memory is a bit faint when it comes to the math and science formulas.

    Ive only got a week to study for this exam and I was hoping someone could offer up some suggestions on what to study so I can make a decent attempt at this exam and not waste my time and money.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

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    1st year apprentise, while you did not say which union I assume the UA. 1st year starts with zero knowledge of HVAC. I suggest you get a copy of the book Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and or Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Given you only have 1 week it doesn't give you much time if you order them from the internet. New copies are about $100 each but you can find used for less. Do you have a communty collage in your area? It is likely they will have a copy of both of these book in the collage book store. If you have a Barnes & Nobble, or other larger book store they may have the books as well. The library may have a copy or two you could check out.

    Get either one or both of these books an just start leafing through them pay close attention to the early chapters. It will explain what HVAC-R is. If not refresh your yourself on temperature conversions, space, volume and area calculations. You won't need a lot of fancy math makes sure you can do multiplication and division, (addition & subtraction is a given). Makes sure you know how to read a tape measure fractional and decimal (such as 1/4" is 0.250"). Read a little about the refrigeration process, not that you will have to explain how the process works in deatil but thay you understand a phase changes of the refrigerant is what moves hot tocold nad vice versa. Hand tools get the names right and what they are generally use for. A screw driver is not used as chisel! Safety, safety, and safety respect it. The two books will show and explain what the HVAC tools are. Again you don't need to understand how to use the special tools, just get a mental picture of what a Volt/Ohm/Meter, clamp on Amp meter, temperature probe, vacum pump, recovery unit and a service manifold looks like. Maybe learn some definitions such as: AC and DC Voltage, PSI, CFM, Vacuum....

    Good Luck next week

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    I didn't have to take an exam to get into the aporenticeship. I know that the fitters do. From what ive been told its testing to make sure you can do basic algebra and have decent reading comprehension. As long as you arent a complete idiot you should be able to pass. Good luck

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