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    Cleveland KGT-12T steam kettle controls retrofits?

    Have two of the Cleveland KGT-12T kettles. Old, but serviceable. Controls, connectors and control wiring is crusty from ages of pressure washing and we regularly have to dry em out to get running. (plus the cooks run them dry all the time)

    Went to the parts page and found a "wiring harness" which I thought would have the edge connectors for the main control board, but no, a huge spend bought me a bag of nothing but colored wires. Call to Cleveland says "we don't stock anymore" SO I am thinking that I could upgrade to some other set of controls, likely from Cleveland, but their website is a bit 'o scheiss and less than helpful as are the tech folk there IF you happen to get through.

    Looking for some collective wisdom from someone who has overcome the hurdle and brought their kettles out of the dark dank ages.


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    Since that model seems to still be available on the market, I fail to understand why you can't get proper replacement parts for it.

    Not much of a supply chain (or demand) out there for retrofitting ANY kind of cooking equipment. I won't do it, unless it's a commonly available part like a contactor, switch, common burner valve or something of that sort. Control boards don't fall into that category.

    I repair equipment, but I don't design new ways for it to work beyond its usable lifespan. If OEM replacement parts for a unit can't be gotten anymore, then it's time for a new kettle.

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    I wouldn't worry about crusty wiring and controls. As long as the wire itself isn't in bad shape then all we're talking about now is ascetics. Some buildup on the insulator isn't going to affect performance or start a fire.

    I would look at the rubber seal between the flue and the kettle. I have one customer that hoses their kettles down after each shift and when water gets in there they have to dry out before they can be used again.

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