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    Water Furnance Low Loop Pressure

    I had a Water Furnace "E" series unit installed back in 2005. Uses a vertical closed loop system. In 2009 the unit would not cool due to a leaking e-coil. That set me back $1200. Today I opened up the panels and found this:

    I've heard some horror stories of Water Furnace "E" series units, are they considered a poor performer or problematic?
    Started getting a intermittent "gurgling" sound from the lines going to my unit. The noise occurs after the unit is cooling for 15 minutes or more.

    The "In" water line was checked with 2psi noted. The assessment was a leak somewhere in the loop system and my "Choices" are to add/pump more fluid to the lines or replace the buried lines. Are there any other possibilities for this condition? If more fluid is required what type of fluid should I use?

    Today I opened up the panels and found a large adjustable wrench wedged between the E coil and a piece of tubing. The wrench is reating on the tubing/fins of the coil. Sweet eh?

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    Get a geo contractor to check this out.
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    There's no way the information you have given will help us diagnose it. We need delta P and delta T as well as lots of other information. You need a good geothermal technician.

    What is "relating?"
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    Assuming the ground loop was done using HDPE pipe and fusion fittings and installed properly, big LOL there. Buy some geo loop conditioner pump it into the system and pressurize the loop to 80-100 psi then hotwire the flowcenter pumps to on for a few days straight and make sure the pressure doesnt drop below 60psi. This will fix any small leaks in the system and since the first time ive done that was 10 years ago i would assume the loop will be good for about 10 years at least. If you have armstrong air cooled pumps expect those to fail as well and replace with grundfos. More flow is better dont let them use the ups26-99s unless you have a 3 ton or smaller, get the ups26-116. Dont need brass either even if they used methanol as antifreeze.

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