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    How can I Measure Refrigeration Tons

    I am an energy manager who's been contracted by an industrial food processing facility to provide general energy conservation services. I am wanting to measure the performance of their refrigeration plant.

    On the surface I will be wanting to determine a baseline tons/kW of the existing system.

    What is the best way to measure refrigeration tons?

    The condenser is using a floating head pressure control strategy and the load as seen from the evaporator is variable based on employee traffic into the spiral freezers and production volume.

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    It depends. If you have a water chiller 2.4 GPM * 10 degrees TD = 1 ton. If you can measure your water flow and water TD at the chiller then you know the capacity. The actual formula is GPM * TD 8 500 = Btus per hour (BTUH). Divide BTUH by 12,000 to get tons.

    There are formulas for air flow also.

    Measure the wet bulb temperature entering and leaving the coil. Convert the wet bulb (WB) temperature to enthalpy using an enthalpy chart. 4.5 * CFM * Enthalpy Difference = BTUs per Hour (BTUH).

    You have to be able to measure the flow rate for your heat transfer medium and the temperature difference.

    I Hope this helps.
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    A bit of a late reply - did you see the "BTU Station" tread (2 below your thread)?

    What did you end up doing to determine the Tons?

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