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Thread: HVAC Balancing

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    HVAC Balancing

    I have a small project related to HVAC and I am not good at this area at all.
    Our work space now is a quad trailer, with 4 HVAC units. I have attached the units info.
    and the HVAC drawings.

    here are the issues:
    1- Large temp differential between offices and rooms - I am assuming that this is due to the amount of zones.
    2- Noise coming from the diffusers. - Not sure there

    I was told that the system was balanced 3 years ago, so, is that normal for it to balanced again? and will that solve any issues?
    I was also told that the contractors also suggested to replace the diffuser type and he said to add balance dampers as needed.

    what do you guys think? How do I fix this HVAC situation? Should I divide the whole space into way more zones?

    I have attached all the info I think you guys might need. please advise

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    If you need balance dampers it most likely has never been balanced properly. Give the diffuser info to the supplier. They should be able to tell you if the size and type installed are OK. If the duct is above the ceiling and space height is short you may need to over size the diffusers to reduce noise because the air all discharges from one side.
    Properly balanced the system should work OK but making everyone happy is unlikely. Look for space heaters and sweaters and give those folks more or less than design based on their preference. The diffuser branch ducts on the end of the main runs make balancing more difficult because all the air wants to go there. I didn't see zone control other that four separate units. When occupied keep the fans running continuously even if not conditioning the air. That not only helps maintain a more even temperature but is required for fresh air supply.
    The system should not need balanced after three years unless someone has screwed with it.

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