Hi to all. I recive this call from a customer, a Lg minisplit fro 60,000 BTUs or 5TR, R22, 220 Single phase.

It seems like a normal compressor changue, so we did, The old compressor was grounded so, nothing to do there, I changue the compressor, N2, pressure test, and evac at 450Microns, Re conect all, changue the past Capacitor called to be 80Mfd and it was a 50MFD.
So we put the unit to run, it works almost like new, but with a mayor problem, when the unit reach the set point and stops, all good.

When the thermostat star the unit again, the compressor trip the breaker, and we are talking on a new danfoss compressor.

In betwwen the discharge line and the suction line, there is a pice of capilar tube, welded to a solenoid valve. I think the valve starts open to allow the compressor to run and reach a low amperage reading.

In this case the running compressor draws 27A, and at start ups trips a 40Amps breaker.

I have several questions for all the wise guys in the forum.

1.- I read 27A on Common compressor, 25A on the Run (red cable) and 8.4A on the S Wire. I was reading there must be a relation, but the article was down.

In the same matter there was a way to read the Voltage across the compressor, to chek it on the live system, again I can see the paper.

2.- In this scenario, will be enougth to wire a hard start relay? or this may represent potential damage to the compressor.???

3.- If its my assumption on the fuction on the solenoid valve?

I hope some one can help me.

Thanks, a lot.