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They've been somewhat helpful. Although they have conflicting data regarding the hood. The hood manual states one design CFM while another design data sheet states less. When I questioned which to follow, the answer was that the higher end "should be fine".
Hey chops, not sure if you are still looking at this but I wouldn't touch it if I were you. Setting up a lab fume hood is a fairly complicated thing that typically takes a lot of experience and there is a ton liability involved.

I'm literally in the process of a complete chemistry building overhaul of 79 fume hoods after the original contractor screwed it up, there are former contractors eating hundreds of thousands of dollars on this deal to avoid litigation.

With that said though there are many factors involved, things like target FPM through the hood opening(100FPM is common), is the hood controlled with variable volume or is it constant volume, is it even the right kind of hood/duct for the materials handled in the hood. Is it vertical, horizontal, or both on sash, good luck maintaining 100FPM on a horizontal sash hood with multiple panes and constant volume. Even if you know everything about it you still need a certified tool like a shortridge meter and velocity grid, expect around $3500, you then need to know how to properly use the velocity grid/meter to get the correct readings, and even if you do all that I still wouldn't sign anything or put anything in writing because that's not your responsibility, many times customers will say "hey we're gonna get it tested we just want an idea of it's safe to use" then if you say yeah it's alright they never get it certified, that's garbage, people can die, someone needs to certify it. Don't be the guy who gets sued because you wrote you saw 100fpm when I checked it.

There's a lot more to these fume hoods than meets the eye, it often requires competency in both controls and TandB which is why I'm doing the controls and someone else who has 20 years experience is doing the TandB, we tag team every hood combining our knowledge to get it done, he has the certs and shortridge though so he signs off and his company is the one on the hook.