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    What I find interesting is plastic was such a poor conductor, but now it seems to be an acceptable means vs. metal, plus the added expansion contraction of plastic with the fine 'fins' helps break scale off vs. metals....

    I find that they use plastic in those munters unit interesting it is a poor conductor of heat.

    These units from a near by data center have a more traditional pad system the large honeycomb fibrous ones like you would find in a large humidifier but then goes through an aluminum heat exchanger similar to this

    They also have DX when needed

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    The plastic exchange ducts are fairly easy to get rid of mineral buildup but never get it all. I have a brush with a wood handle and just vibrate it over the ducts. They damage easily and are affected by sunlight.
    Buttwheat, that equipment reminds me of when I did controls and startup on about 45 of them ( somewhat smaller) at a prison way back. Excess water was used to lessen minerals in the sump. The instructions were to adjust a water valve for excess water of one liter/min. That's 45 liter/min. that water was directed to roof drains that collected in a field. That field shortly became a lake.
    In NM the water usage is a big concern. It's said the water consumed at the four corners power plant consumes for refrigerated air units 1/3 less water per unit of cooling (whatever that is) than an evap cooler. There is a serious move here to mechanical cooling. Along with the poor performance when the RH > 40%. and with mineral buildup beginning a few weeks after startup affecting the evap's ability to cool and deliver rated air they are problematic.
    I just consider evaps to be maintenance intensive. Takes about three times longer than a refer unit on startup. Even though my first stage is indirect, it's only runs in mornings before kicking into direct evap.
    Reminds me I need to replace the pads this year. 12"x40"x48" I think. They will run about $130. Along a unit like mine with both direct and indirect is very expensive. I don't know current costs.
    I keep saying I'll get refer air some day....
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    Electrical wiring

    From disregarding the cylinders with the wind stream through them. Think about a cooling tower.

    On the off chance that the outside dew-point is low the water can get " cold".

    See dew-focuses for the southwest high desert, even in the late spring.

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