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    Integration Technician West Columbia SC

    This a wrap up of things we need for this position, if you can do some of this well AND are willing to pick up more via OJT that's what we are looking for. This is a senior position for a BAS tech at the top of their game and looking to branch out to integration with other systems, learn new things, and work with equipment you haven't seen before. PM or email me and I can get you in touch with our hiring manager.

    Harris is an ALC WebCTRL dealer but use other products when they are better suited to the task. We need someone that has more than just familiarity with several of these systems, you should be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of one or two of these systems:
    • Automated Logic or one of its OEM counter parts such as Carrier iVu, Liebert SiteScan, or an embedded partner using ALC OEM controllers that you have worked with.
    • Niagara AX or N4: We use Lynxspring but if you've worked with any of the Tridium OEMs and used the platform to integrate to other proprietary networks such as Carrier COM4 or Siemens FLN or Carrier CCN that's what we need. If you can build wire logic, px graphics, create schedules etc for clean customer presentation that's a plus also.
    • Schneider Smartstruxure Lite: Can2go MPM controllers, Viconics Room Controllers. We mainly use these to get the wireless Room Controllers and other EnOcean devices but if you can build equipment logic, floor plan graphics, create schedules, integrate to BACnet etc that's a big plus also.

    General knowledge, things we want to see in your resume:
    • Training: You must be able to document and create training for the systems you work on to deliver internal (technician) and external (customer end user) training courses.
    • Support: Answer technical questions internally from technicians and externally from customers.
    • Sequence of operation: read engineer SOO and implement programming to meet that criteria. Recognize when the SOO is impossible and generate intelligent RFC to aid in finding a solution.
    • Beta testing: create controlled test environments to evaluate a new product or solution to suit a desired task.
    • Computer skills: CompTIA A+ or demonstrate that you can operate in a Windows environment and fix things when they go wrong without assistance to include basic repairs and data recovery.
    • TCP/IP: Network+, Cisco CCNA or equivalent experience. Demonstrate that you can implement and troubleshoot IP networking.
    • BACnet: know the rules of BACnet to be able to create and troubleshoot IP and MS/TP networks. Very important, you will use this every day.
    • Nginx/Apache: you can install these and work with their config files and read their logs to get them to do what you want.
    • Entry level Linux skills: you can read documentation, edit config files and read log files.

    Worth mentioning
    -Valid driver’s license
    -Ability to operate a step ladder or extension ladder to work inside drop ceiling with standard 2'x2' foot tile.
    -Ability to clear DOD screening to gain access to secure sites.

    Company Description
    Harris Integrated Solutions is a family business, operating since 1965 with values Lloyd Harris modeled for each employee and customer. Lloyd's son, Michael Harris personifies his father’s passion for serving customers with the best planning, engineering, equipment, installation, training and support while treating more than 60 employees like family.

    The primary focus of Harris Integrated Solutions is to meet the needs of our customers with quality products and services that exceed their expectations while providing lasting benefits and security to our employees

    Company Info
    Headquarters; West Columbia, SC
    Size; 50 to 100 employees
    Type; Company - Private
    Industry; Information Technology

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    Nice write up. Best of luck finding someone.
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    Yea good luck!

    Congrats on your 1,000 post!
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    Good luck! Finding someone with all of those skill sets is as rare then hens teeth!

    And by the way, Great Company! Good People!
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