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    Help with Lennox SLP98V & Indoor Blower Motor Start Problem


    I'm having issues with my less than year old Lennox SLP98V furnace and iComfort S30 thermostat. Since Nov/Dec I've been getting error codes on the furnace itself and more noticeably, alerts on the thermostat. I've mostly been paying attention to alerts received on the thermostat, where I've been getting "critical" alert 292 (Indoor blower motor start problem) about every 3-4 days since 1/1. When this happens the furnace virtually becomes unresponsive for 30m-2hrs. Eventually I'll get an email saying the alert has been resolved. The HVAC company has come out twice since early December. During most recent visit (I wasn't present) the technician said it is a thermostat motherboard issue. Can this be so? HVAC company said new motherboard would arrive in January. No luck. Then February. No luck. Now it's March. Really do not want whatever is going on to be damaging my HVAC system nor bringing down my efficiency/performance.

    Not sure what to do especially since I paid for one of the two service calls without real solution. Should I contact another local Lennox Premier Dealer? I have not had good past experience with this current HVAC company.


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    If you dont feel confident with this company, then yes, call any other company. Be aware that "premier" means sales quota, not knowledge.

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