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    It was quite a long time ago, but if memory serves, it was electronic.

    Which might be why 'the guy' ripped them out.

    We restored them one floor at a time.

    Wasn't too difficult. I mean, after the first couple, it just gets sort of boring. Easy money. And everyone was happy after it was done.

    And yes, it was pricey for the building owner.

    Quote Originally Posted by WAYNE3298 View Post
    I assume you are referring to the max & min adjustment screws on the pneumatic controllers. I always carried controllers in case that happened and occasionally it did. Bet you had a real mess to fix and also expensive!!

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    Cagey57: There is a technical component to T&B but I think that's what makes it interesting.
    I know when I want to baffle my self I can just open ASHRAE Fundamentals book. Things get thick real fast.
    A good book on T&B is NEBB's HVAC Testing Adjusting and Balancing Manual. A very long title. McGraw Hill Pub. I think I saw SMACNA had some too.
    I did T&B but more often I used what I learned to analyze systems when called for other problems. Example of a system having poor performance, a look at the total system can often give answers. If the mechanical part seems ok but the ducts look like a hack job, system effect might be the culprit. Knowing how to test for that is one up on companies that can't.
    When I mentioned about the contractor that only cared about the NEBB report, a balancing company knows the report will never be questioned. Another T&B company will charge to retest and a lot of these guys are friends often subbing to each other when they are on overload. Human nature or good business pick one.
    The nature of the business is often to get the report done and lets get paid. Mechanical contractors heads are already on the next job and some attitudes are the T&B is just a necessary inconvenience.
    But on the positive side a knowledge of T&B is an excellent help for problems. Even if a tech is not doing a full tilt T&B using what they know on the job will be worth it.
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    You guys do realize the new T&B forum is open, right?
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    Believe it or not one controls manufacturer uses 4005 for all VAV sizes and alters it's effect by changing the gain. All others I can think of off hand have different values for each size box and some of them automatically change that value when you input the measured airflow. One manufacturer has a default control that corresponds to the design airflow of that size box with a velocity pressure of 1.0 inches measured at the VAV flow ring. On VAV's that change the value if it isn't right, which often is wrong, the box will not calibrate and some boxes will bomb out giving an error message that the flow at 1.0 can't be as calculated by your input. When that happens the VAV will not work at all until you get a better number installed.

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