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Thread: Cheetos

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    Just open the bag and pour some out.

    Those Cheez it crispy things..... forget what they are called....... cheez it grooves...... think thats it..... they are pretty good too.

    Im just sick of seeing that beef stroganoff topic everytime I scan down thru the forums...... seriously..... nothing new in here since october...... we went thru Thanksgiving.....
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    I always joke I need a person assistant. Someone always says I'll do it if the pay is good enough also joking. I reply I pay a bag of cheetos every day, but before you scoff at that. This is no snack bag I'm talking about. I'm talking about a super snack size. Think of all the cheesy goodness you will be missing out on if you don't take the job.

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    I just love them.!

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    Flammin Hot Cheetos are the best.

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