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    FE155c fry master ohms?

    Any one know the correct ohm readings for their elements?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10phaseadapter View Post
    Any one know the correct ohm readings for their elements?
    Never seen one, but sounds like something that's in a Taco Bell. Taco Bell doesn't really cook much of anything.

    I DID find this old manual:

    Quickly browsing the manual, I see it's three elements-in-one. An 8KW rated at 240v overall.

    A spec sheet gives the variations to how it's offered:

    From that very short summation of the amp draw figures, they all appear to align with that one, three-phase, 240v element assembly rating - since amps go up when voltage goes up on the spec sheet. So...only one element is offered for voltages from 208 to 240v.

    With a little math, I figure that, saving any temperature coefficient, each of the three individual elements within that element assembly (as read from lead to lead) should be 21.6Ω.

    You can certainly call Frymaster at their tech support line (800-551-8633) for a more accurate figure.

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