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    Quote Originally Posted by campallen View Post
    The bathroom exhausts are not on continuously. They are controlled by a combination light switch beside the bathroom door. One switch for the overhead light in the bathroom, and one for the exhaust fan.
    I checked out the system you linked and it looks really cool (no pun intended). If we cannot find another solution, I will definitely relay this info to our facilities manager. I'm a little afraid that the system might be a little out of our current budget.
    It beats the heck out of mold problems, painting, carpeting, replaces linens, tvs, furniture etc. not to mention all the other nasty stuff that thrives in high humidity condition.

    Hotels are a PITA to get under control without a design engineered system for pressurization and dehumidification.

    The original design was likely make up air through the ptac fresh air damper and exhaust through continuous ventilation fans in the bathroom. That's how most hotels are setup now. Most have a corridor/hallway that has a 100% outdoor air return dehumidified and undercut doors on all the rooms with bathroom exhaust fans in rooms running continuous and additional fresh air through the ptac to renew oxygen and purge indoor pollutants.

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    Ok ya'll, I am checking in with Munters now. I will keep ya'll updated. I really appreciate all of the help.

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