Hello Everyone,

I have been trying to soak up as much technical and business information as I possibly can from this site. This is my first post.

Some background information on me, I recently graduated 4yr college with a Business Admin Degree, I got an awesome job working for a union commercial HVAC shop. My position currently consists of overseeing an energy efficiency program for a large account, dispatch lists/ entering information from techs in the field into our system, and just began learning how to do inside sales: small service bids.

I am a quick study and have been familiarizing myself with the industry as well as the technical side of things.

Tonight I am taking a class on project management taught at a local college by one of my colleagues.

My point in posting/ becoming a member is two pronged, one is to get advice/ information to make me as valuable of an employee I can be at my current position, but also to learn how I can position myself into commercial sales, project management, etc.

Before I got this job, I worked for myself as a residential painter to pay the bills.
This is my first job. I love it and am looking to turn it into a career.

Any advice on where I can focus my attention and efforts?

I look forward to learning from you all!