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    Most likely, as stated, it's from the grille. as you stated, remove it and see if the noise goes away.

    Why now is a guess.

    You say old and new filter, but are they the same filter? The Filtrete are some of the most respective, especially the red package.

    If you have IAQ concerns, that should have been expressed to the installer and they would have done something different for filtration. That filter is meant SOLELY for the equipment and NOT for your breathing, despite what the filter mfr states.
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    @pacnw: They are not the same filter. The filter that came installed with the system looks to be made or sold by Columbia(?) and is labeled as MERV8. I've tried using three levels of Filtrete filters: MPR600 (MERV8), 1085, and 2200. All new Filtrete filters have left me with noise from the grille. However, original filter does not. I've seen many posts on here saying Filtrete perform poorly and are just cleverly marketed and that anything about their 600 is too restrictive. But I could be mistaken. I'll be removing grille and installing the MERV8 Filrete filter for the short term until I can find a better solution. Totally understand your point abut IAQ and use of filter for equipment. Thanks for your feedback!

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