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    Weird Pepsi 2 door

    This started life as a 2 door Pepsi cooler. I don't think it is very old
    Trouble is I can't tell what make it is. DPD or maybe QPD.
    Evaporator is in the bottom and is froze up. I can't hear any fan
    running but then at my age I can't hear much ant way. Kitchen
    guy verified that it wasn't running.
    My thought are the drain plugged and left water in bottom of
    unit. said water froze and stopped fan. Then maybe motor died
    a natural death. Motor must be behind the evaporator. My question
    is how do I get at the Damn thing with out using cutting torch.

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    Not familiar with the Pepsi cooler, a pic would help

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    It's QBD. I think I may have worked on a single door cooler 4-5 years ago. It had a slide out cassette type refrigeration package. You unplug the electrics in the front and lift a steel lever bar to release and the whole thing slides out. There are instruction here on the top of p.14:

    I had a similar issue with the water backing up into the evap fan. They had a really dumb trap setup with dual drains as I recall. I just set it on a dolly and rolled it outdoors to drain it and clean the drains out.

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