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Thread: Ground wire

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    Ground wire

    A co-worker wired two fluorescent ceiling lights together and left the ground wire like this? He told me I'm stupid
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    It would appear that you are not the stupid one.

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    In fact, that green wire is the ECG, or less mysteriously, the Equipment Grounding Conductor.

    It must be attached to the metal body of the lighting fixture or appliance to which its brothers are providing power. The other end of the green wire connects to what is usually a bare copper conductor in NM-B, or Romex. In a commercial environment., it connects to a metal raceway, the metal of which provides the path back to the OCPD, or breaker.

    The ECG's purpose is to assist the overcurrent device to open in the event that the metal fixtures, cabinet, etc, become energized by a short circuit to metal by the ungrounded power conductor (the "hot wire") or a failed device in the appliance. It provides the assistance by being a low impedance path for the fault current so that the current flow can rise to the point that the breaker opens. We call this "clearing the fault."

    Your friend is not just stupid. He is ignorant of these requirements.
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