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    Restoration furnace install - no approval by owner

    I hope this is the proper forums - I read the rules and what I"m asking doesn't seem to violate. Please correct me if I'm incorrect.

    I had a sewage backup which caused brown water to flow into the furnace I had - and the restoration company removed due to that. Unfortunately the plumbing company contracted by the restoration company installed a furnace without homeowner approval or review. The furnace installed was a Payne PG92SCS (or PG92SBS).

    Do you know if this is normal procedure? I'm meeting with the contractor/insurance adjuster this coming week to discuss this to also see if I want it removed to put in a more reliable one (as a 2 stage option would have been something to consider). Potentially getting the company back to remove this one and install another.

    I've tried to do furnace research online and it's a mixed bag of reviews...for everyone that loves a product, another hates it. Some info from consumer reports shows that York has a high repair rate, but Carrier/others are better.

    Do you also know of a decent site to get some honest feedback on recent models? Is the 2 stage someone worth it or just additional parts to break down?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Insurance generally replaces with the same kind as was in before hand. Unless the home owner says something about be willing to pay for the upgrade out of their own pocket.

    1 brand is about the same as the other.
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