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    Rheostat and hard start kits.


    I'm new to the site and hope I got the right location to ask a question.I've read many positive articles about "hard start kits" for A/C compressors . I'm not versed in electric theory of what happens during compressor start-up, but may I ask if the start kit operates similar to a DC motor rheostat?

    I remember having to start large DC motors in industry using multiple hand activated levers that had to be pushed down and clicked in place before going to the next lever.There were 4-5 levers and when the first lever is depressed,the motor starts to turn very slowly and as each lever is depressed (at the control box) the motor increases speed.It is done gradually and slowly .So, I likened it to a hard start kit.Am I right? Or out of touch!!

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    No, an ac "hard start kit" is a correctly sized start capacitor paralled across the compressor's run capacitor via a nc relay.

    This relay is opened when a specific v is built up in the compressor.

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