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    Any thoughts on what this could be? compressor kicking on and off only when very hot

    New home. First summer with this unit. Any thoughts? It doesn't happen on most days. When it is hot, this happens. Also happened the first time we turned it on. Does not appear to happen in cooler weather. We have a home warranty but, as some may have discovered, unless it is totally broken, they won't fix it...can't reproduce the problem I've only seen this maybe 3 times since the beginning of the summer. Our air handler is in the attic, if it is of any influence.

    Anyway, I am not looking for DIY advice. I just really am curious. For now, we haven't done anything about it except for turn off the air when if we hear it and then wait a half hour or so.

    apparently I can't post the video
    link is here

    edit...maybe now I can embed?

    My apologies for the bastardized thread. Shame on me.
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    it appears electrical... like a timer is defective or something. no way the compressor is building enough pressure to trip a limit switch or anything.

    call for service, explain to the tech on the phone that something is forcing the unit to extreme short cycle 2 seconds on, then off... repeat...

    it's either the thermostat, or a defective wiring issue.
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    What happens if you turned the thermostat off for 15+ minutes when this happens, then turn it back on will it restart OK? Even if this has a start assist kit I like to see a 5 minute off cycle timer. System not charged correctly ( due to happening in hot weather and not in cooler weather ) you may have a non bleed metering device causing it to trip on a pressure control on start up. Assuming there are pressure controls on this system and it is tripping on that control. Why do you have a home warranty and this not being covered by the installing Contractor. You say new house, first summer you should have at least a one year labor warranty.
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    Any thoughts on what this could be? compressor kicking on and off only when very hot

    Weird, if it was a high pressure switch most of those have to be manually reset, low pressure I doubt it. I thought maybe a float switch, but the timing on and off seems to be the exact same. Need to leave it off and call for service. Please come back and let us know what the issue was, thanks!

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