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    Simple thermidistat question

    Hello - I am a single woman who bought a home a couple years ago. I have had nightmare experiences with my 2 stage Carrier AC and Edge Thermidistat control. I just need to know if based on the following information I need to call a service technician :

    1) I live in South Florida. It is 88 degrees with 81% humidity at night.

    2) When I woke this morning, there was condensation on my phone screen.

    3) The Thermidistat said it was 72 degrees in the house (I set it to 71 at night). I clicked the "dehumidify" button 1 time. It said "87%", "cool", and "set at 62".

    4) The house felt ok, but it has to be a problem it said 87% right?

    Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you !

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    That is an issue, yes. That kind of humidity is great for growing mold in your walls
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    Man, I love the Hot but Dry Central Valley

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