Good morning techs,

Need some advice on a WSC079. Having a stater transition problem. I've been through the basics:

✔️ Checked voltage at the controller/VFD
Has 24vac at ID5 on P-J5 all the way until stater transition fault. Stater transition contacts close (terminals 52/53) at VFD feeding that 24v signal to ID5.

✔️ Checked for loose wiring at VFD/controller
Cannot find any loose or open wiring at or between controller and VFD.

✔️ Checked VFD parameters for run contacts
Relay 1 parameter is set to 1 which is "drive running".

Machine will run for varied amounts of time before failing on stater transition. Reiterating, compressor controller ID5 (starter transition input) has 24vac signal from VFD run contacts (relay 1 terminals 52/53). Parameters are set correctly on VFD for drive running (r.035 is set to 1).
I've got nothing left short of calling tech support. Any advice and experience with these machines and this particular problem is much appreciated!