Hello ,
I am in the last year of university and i am building my project.I need your help!
My project is a thermal profiling station.It consists in a conveyor where i place the object,it passes through three 13X12X20 cm rooms united where i control the temperature.
Each room will have on one side a Fan and on the other a heat source (light bulb most probably).I will control the temperatures using PID alghorytms for each fan and each heat source.The control of the whole station will be obtained using a PLC.
I don't know how to choose the right size and cfm for the fans and the right heat sources.I have tried so far with a 20watt light bulb and a 8 cm fan....the fan had somewhere near 30cfm.It didnt seem to be able to "hold" the temperature.
Since the "rooms" are made of hardplastic with glassfiber (holds up till 300 Celsius degrees) but the conveyor belt hold only till 80 degrees celsius,i want to control my temperatures in the 30-50 Celsius degrees interval.

P.S I am controlling my heat source with a Solid State Relay ,and i do not know how to control it effectively.So far designed a PID algorhtym for it and the command was converted into duty cycle (some kind of slow PWM...lets say at 25% command i choose 12 seconds ->3 seconds ON,9 seconds OFF).Any ideas here would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Any help is welcomed !