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    Need Advice On Air Flow And Cooling Options

    So I was looking to find a place where I could get some advice on a problem I have. My wife and I are renting a room from some people and the temp in this area climbs into the triple digits. The humidity can go as high as around 89%.

    The people we are renting from keep the AC in their house set for 80F and 85F at night. Our room however climbs to 85 - 90. My wife has medical problems which means high temps can cause seizures and she becomes dehydrated easily. This past Summer (we just moved in to this room in Aug.) she ended up in the hospital because of the heat. It was a life threatening situation.

    So this year I would like to find a way to cool this room. There is only one problem. We are not allowed to put a window unit AC or even a swamp cooler in. The owners of the home fear it will cost too much energy. They are not very sympathetic to the situation either. And we can not keep the doors to the room open.

    I had tried my best last Summer to make my own "air conditioner." Basically nothing more than a fan and an ice chest. I even tried to make a makeshift swamp cooler by placing an evaporator pad in front of a fan and circulating water with a pump through it. Nothing seemed to work.

    So I have been looking into why it failed and what I may be able to change. It seems to me that the heat generated by the motor on the fan may have canceled out any cooling effect? That combined with the fact that I didn't even consider that I needed to vent the heat from the room. thought this Summer is to have a box fan, a cooler, a copper coil, and pump cold water through the coil in front of the fan. BUT, obviously I am going to run into the same problem as last Summer. How do I keep the cool air in while venting the hot air out when it is 100+ outside and 85 inside?

    I made a bad layout drawing of the room to give you an idea of the space. It's a 12'x12' room with an attached bathroom (about 6'x7') and a small hall on the other side with about the same size. I noticed the bathroom gets somewhat cooler than the room and if we open the window in the bathroom it helps a small bit to let air flow into the room.

    *I guess I can't post the image until I post 7 more times.*

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    Just buy a portable aircondition unit with wheels.

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