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    Compressor was still running when pulled out system.

    1. What happened to our 'posting stuff,Quote,imogies,etc'.
    2. How could this 1 be still running???
    Well, If the rod's 'cleared the rotating asmy and the end bearings were good,I can see why but Man,it would have been obvious...Which I'm sure it was.

    This is 'Interesting' as the destruction is relegated to the 2 cylinders and completely wrecking Them but the others seem ok and still operational but 'ship happens which has no logical explanation.

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    it was still running because someone jumped out the oil differential pressure switch.

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    I was told in the tear down seminar that when the failure is the rear piston bearing it's because of the bearing washing out. This happens with extreme flooding or oil lube failure.
    What was interesting is what I mentioned that engineers won't always agree on the failure mode. That got me interested in opening the end bell on semi's to try to understand the failure.

    One of the most interesting was a 25 ton (me thinks) carrier. the end bell was removed and it was a phase failure. Problem there was phase protection along with overloads.
    This failure was caused by the compressor being fed from a sub panel. Tracing the feeders I located the main feed panel and found a loose lug that, over time burned the winding. It probably took a long time for the protection to not respond.

    Carrier encouraged all semi-hermetic compressors to be opened and attempt to analyzed. They knew almost all failures except maybe really old ones were external to the compressor. Also if the problem isn't found a replacement will also probably fail.

    Early on I once was sent to a job where they were replacing the second failure within a short time. Instead of replacing the compressor I pulled the heads on the failed comp and found the cylinders full of oil. Full. I knew the problem was external. It reinforced the importance of trying to discover the cause.
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