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    Carrier Infinity 96 LP unit not wanting to light ???

    Hi all,

    Enjoying this blizzard in Delaware at the moment but have lost heat. We have a heat pump for anything above 35 and then below it kick in aux heat which is LP. Seems our unit worked all last night till this morning. Codes 14 for not lighting so I cycle power and it goes through to the point where it ignites and then flames out. Then I get water pouring down the front of the unit right under where the 'flame box' is for a few moments. After quickly shutting power and placing a heater in front to dry things out I am left to wonder what my next step is.

    Before I realized all this had gone on this morning the first thing I did was shovel all the snow away from the in/out snorkels behind the house. The exhaust was good but of course the inlet was buried in the snow unfortunately. So now it seems as though I have a unit full of water or condensate .

    Any ideas on where I could start to maybe help myself? I will certainly call in the experts after the blizzard on Monday but am stuck for now with a wife, infant, and 2 kids all looking at me to do something. Is there a way for me to at least drain the water out somehow?

    Thanks for any help anyone can throw my way.

    Carrier Infinity 96 LP
    upflow unit

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    Sorry, as it says above no DIY and with propane on top of the other issues.
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    Clearing the snow is about all you can do and hopefully it will all drain out-- give it some time-- In the meanwhile your heat pump I am sure will do fine below 35 let the heat ump rip- it will give you something-- Call for service now and get on the schedule

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