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Thread: Rupp MAU

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    Rupp MAU

    Had a call on a Rupp make up air unit today. No heat. Had one of those blue Honeywell burner controls and a bunch of manual reset switches. High & low gas pressure switches, hi limit, low limit, etc. Cycled power (3PH 480V) and unit fired right up.

    Couple of questions here. When I arrived the Honeywell control had a blinking power light only -- no fan, no burner, no tripped switches. The contactor was chattering after I cycled power. After talking to the maintenance staff I was told they had a big voltage spike that morning and lost some lighting and other stuff. Is it possible the controller saw the high voltage and shut off? What could I be missing?

    Also, there were 3 or 4 other MA units (same make) that were running just fine.

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    The Honeywell flame controller will go into flame failure when the power is cycling on and off quickly while heating. After a quick cycle it will start back up and see the presence of flame still in the burner and cause a flame failure. Should it become an issue replace with a M4RT1 Flame Safety Control. Rupp/Captive-Aire can provide you the parts and replacement instructions.
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