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    Debug_Distech_GFX Issue

    I have a problem with my debug mode not displaying data after modifications of code, but program compiles, and downloads fine. Has any one experienced this?
    Is so what is the work-around?

    Controller ECP-300. AX 3.3.22

    Tried re-loading known good program, reboot both Workbench/Jace etc. many times.

    ANy help appreciated..bp
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    Just curious have you tried to not bind the controller,I am having similar issues with ecp-vav gfx but my points are also going in and out of com fail
    If i dont bind the controller just commission my debug works. I have been to
    the distech gfx class and the instructor seamed to think it was a ax problem.
    Let me know if any this helps I am about to pull my hair with these things.


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