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Thread: Trane Help!!!

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    Trane Help!!!

    This maybe a long shot!!! But I will give it a try. I'm in the middle of removing and old tracer system, and integrating the intellipaks with a comm4 driver. I also have to meet a control spec for purge mode. I was instructed by Trane parts that I needed the VOM module. Stands for Ventilation Override Module. Well I have received them, and they came with absolutely no install instructions!! My impression is that you close one of the 4 binary inputs on the VOM to enable that purge sequence then the module closes the VOM relay and that's where the mystery begins?? I have searched the net for control diagrams, IOM info. I can't figure out what board dependency this thing needs. It came with all these molex plugs, and only short little wires to connect to something. The electrical drawing shows some wires going to TB-16 4,5,6. There is no wires even on that board??? Anybody know of a technical resource out there??? My local Trane dealer is less then helpful!!

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    Isn't there a 0-10v input that you can control the econ damper directly from and external controller

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    Can you post the serial number of the unit and the part number for the vom? Also, include the "x" number if it has one. I will try to find something.

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